Phishing: stop it now!

User clicks a phishing link in an email, leading to compromise of the user account or installation of malware.

Anyone can click a link in a malicious email. Optimizing our workplaces to fight social engineering requires actions across a number of disciplines, from technology to leadership and organizational psychology.

Cybehave’s free checklist on social engineering protection helps you build real defense in depth against the most common cyber attacks and online scams.

Social engineering is a complicated problem to deal with. Almost every successful cyber attack starts with an email – with a link to click, or an attachment to open. Boom! The attacker is in. They succeed by exploiting human nature: our desire to respond. This is why we need to combine technical and leadership practices to build a solid defense against phishing and other social engineering scams.

Did you know that phishing is not only a problem with email? Read Phishing on LinkedIn to learn about how LinkedIn InMail and other social media channels are also prime targets for social engineering attacks.