PhishingBot & E-Learning

Almost every successful cyber attack starts with a phishing e-mail. This is why we at Cybehave have built our e-learning system for cybersecurity awareness with a realistic phishing simulator integrated.


You can send realistic phishing e-mails to your organization and collect real metrics on how vulnerable you are to the most common form of social engineering. The recipients who fall for the phish will be led to a short e-learning video that is built to enhance awareness and ability to detect social engineering attacks. The organization get metrics and recommendations for how to further strengthen security culture also at the human level.


We offer a selection of professional e-learning content that is created with a basis in deep insights in human factors. Our videos and other e-learning modules are made to make the most impact in the shortest possible time.

We also recommend e-learning content based on threat intelligence that is applicable to your organization so that your people will get the information that they need to reduce the risk from the typical threats targeting your company.

Human Reliability

The security performance of any organization depends heavily on the knowledge of its people, the organizational culture and other factors that influence human performance in rapid decision making. We have adapted methods developed in aviation and nuclear power plants, that are used to evaluate human reliability in decision making to the work setting of the knowledge worker. Our short survey complements insights from phishing tests and e-learning quizzes to give you unique and actionable insights into organizational vulnerabilities.