Security for humans

Why we do it

Cybehave understands that cybersecurity is about humans, not technology. This is why Cybehave’s security awareness training is based on deep understanding of human factors. Focusing only on technical aspects is like treating symptoms when you should be going for the root cause. Cybehave exists exactly to help you address the root causes of social engineering vulnerabilities.

What we do

We use e-learning at the center of our approach. Engaging learning modules are automatically selected based on expert analysis of threats to your business and is adapted to the different roles in your organization.

No more one size fits all – get the knowledge needed to truly shape the security culture of your organization through threat intelligence and machine learning.

Did you know that addiction to digital stimuli can be as distracting as drugs and provide similar degradation of impulse control? Example from Cybehave e-learning video.

How to get it

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