RiskTool is an innovative tool for threat modeling on the business process level. It us currently in closed beta testing and will launch with general availability in August 2019. If you would like to know more or request early access – please use this form:

Here are some of the great features in RiskTool:

  • Simple business process mapping and asset identification using SIPOC Cyber – a Cybehave extension of a Lean Six Sigma approach to process mapping (SIPOC = Suppliers – Inputs – Process – Outputs – Customers)
  • Asset register with CIA criticality assessment
  • Threat scenario generation through guided abuse stories: RiskTool helps you identify relevant threats for your assets. Estimation of crediblility (or likelihood) of the scenarios is automatic and built-in, based on threat intelligence and smart threat actor based factor models.
  • Selecting actions to take to minimize risk: this is often a difficult task, but RiskTool will help you select the most efficient security controls for each asset based on the identified abuse stories.