Make it easy to manage the privacy rights of your customers and employees using Cybehave’s easy-to-use privacy management tool – whether you need GDPR or CCPA compliance.

Why we do it

The fabric of human progress is the freedom to participate in society without fear. Privacy is an essential building block of democracy and positive development. Yet, many organizations struggle to provide customers, employees and other individuals with means to exercise the rights that protect these essential freedoms. Cybehave built PrivacyBox to make it easy to provide those privacy rights to people. At the same time, you greatly simplify GDPR and CCPA compliance.

How we do it

PrivacyBox provides dashboards and insights that make it easy to optimize compliance and privacy practices!

PrivacyBox provides easy to integrate widgets for web and mobile, allowing your data subjects to easily exercise privacy rights. Your privacy team gets fully categorized requests with validated contact information, saving valuable time identifying the personal data in question. The built-in team collaboration features and secure communication portal saves you time and you can say goodbye to worries about confidentiality in email exchanges.

How to get it

Drop us a message here and we will contact you shortly!