Get a free IT security policy for your small business by using our policy generator bot. All you need to do is click the button below, answer a few basic questions, and we will email you a policy document.

Are you running a small business but you don’t have an IT security policy? Now is the time to change that.

Benefits of having an IT security policy for small businesses

Here are some key benefits of defining security objectives and practices in a document for small businesses:

  1. You will improve your security practices by defining what they are and regularly following up that they are followed.
  2. An IT security policy helps create awareness of requirement security practices. All employees and contractors should know where to find the policy.
  3. Buyers are increasingly requiring companies to manage information security as part of their supply chain risk management. Having a policy in place that you can share with them makes it much easier to satisfy their requirements
robot to create a free IT security policy for small businesses
Our policy automation bot will simply ask you a couple of questions, and then e-mail you a PDF policy document to kick-start improving the security in your company.

How we create a free IT security policy for your small business

Securing your digital assets has two main components:

  • Create a good security baseline that aligns with the maturity of your company and provides good security practices that don’t get in the way of getting work done. This is what our policy will provide for you.
  • Risk-based security practices: perform risk assessments for your critical assets, and determine any further security measures needed. This is typically a step 2 in maturity, but will be much easier to do once the baseline practices are in place.

Our bot will ask you some questions about how you use IT in your company, and then provide simple but effective practices to improve security over time.

Try it out now – create a free IT security policy for your small business by filling out a small form, and we will email you your policy right away.

Go to the form.

The policy generation process uses Google Forms and Google Docs technologies and is subject to Cybehave’s privacy policy if you provide personal information. The only personal data we ask for is an email address but feel free to use a generic email address. The email address you enter will be printed on the policy document as the point of contact for questions about the policy, so make sure to use the email address you will use for this purpose.

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