Consumers are becoming conscious of privacy. This is not a new problem, an Epic report from 2002 claimed annual lost sales due to privacy concerns could be as much as USD 18 billion. The situation today is probably much worse after Cambridge Analytica, Snowden and the attention brought to the masses through New legislation such as the GDPR.

Privacy training is key
Privacy training is a cornerstone for building consumer trust in a modern business. Make privacy a competitive advantage instead of a liability!

Key privacy concerns of consumers are:

  • Data breaches and data leaks
  • Abusive marketing and tracking
  • Companies sharing their customers’ data
  • Decisions made by robots denying them access to services and goods

As a business owner or manager it is your job to take care of these businesses barriers. Not only for the sake of consumer trust and sales – but also because privacy management is a legal requirement today.

Privacy is everyone’s business

Privacy, just like security, is something that concerns every employee and stakeholder – from the staff cleaning your offices to Fortune 500 company board members. If the building janitor finds a list of customer profiles in the trash, your company needs him or her to understand that these data should not be posted online, or put in an open dumpster outside. Board members need to understand the implications to the business of privacy malpractice, from data breaches, to poor social media reputation to potentially huge fines. Obviously there is one type of activity that matters on all levels of power: training.

A scalable training strategy

Obviously, not everyone needs to be a privacy expert. Cybehave has developed a two-tier approach to privacy training:

  1. GDPR foundations: engaging elearning covering privacy principles, key practices, data subject rights and why contracts matter
  2. Specialist training delivered in classroom sessions on privacy by design (for software developers and product managers)
Course picture
Learning privacy and GDPR fundamentals is fun and fast with our e-learning developed by experienced legal and security professionals

Most organizations will come a long way with our elearning. Everyone knows why privacy matters, and how to act to protect the interests of both consumers and the business.

If you want to learn more about the training offers, send us an email at today!

Managing people’s rights

Under modern privacy regulations, consumers have wide rights to controlling their own data. Managing these rights can be difficult, especially proving that all legal requirements to processing of access requests. This is why Cybehave built PrivacyBox: an access request portal with built in compliance reporting and strong security features. If you combine our GDPR foundations training and the benefits of PrivacyBox you can have confidence in your ability to manage your customers privacy rights. That will translate to stronger consumer trust and thus higher revenues.

Making privacy part of your business is simply great marketing, as well as essential for compliance.

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