We have added multiple new features to some of our products recently.

Bringing new features to RiskTool, PrivacyBox and PhishingBot - and  one more thing - our IssueTool is now available to customers too: issue tracking the way it should work!
Our tech team has been hard at work to bring you new great features for improved cybersecurity and privacy management.


PrivacyBox is our DSAR management tool. It makes handling requests from data subjects much easier and faster than using manual methods. You also get compliance logging and management dashboards that help drive good practice and reduce the burden of compliance reporting. The following features have recently been introduced:

  • Automatic sync between action status and issue status in DSAR management workflow – saving privacy team members even more time
  • Data subject notifications are now sent via email for new public comments from the privacy team
  • Improved sort function for list of open requests


RiskTool is our primary risk management product, which integrates threat actor analysis by experts, simple workflows for asset mapping and risk identification and automated recommendations for security controls in line with ISO 27001 Annex A. RiskTool is now in closed beta and will launch with general availability after the summer. Recently we have introduced the following improvements:

  • Ability to export identified threats to CSV files
  • Recommended control allocation tied directly to abuse stories to make it easy to assess the effectiveness of the mitigation suggestions
  • Context generation with threat actor mapping based on OSINT threat intelligence, with space for analyst commentary.

IssueTool: a simple issue tracker

Keeping track of who’s doing what, and what has been done and what is remaining can be a daunting task for any organization. There are many project management tools out there – but at Cybehave we only wanted simple issue tracking with the following features:

  • Ability to assign issues to team members and automatically send alert emails
  • Comment on issues
  • Search to find what you need
  • Multiple projects or products for better organization

Our tool is now available to our customers – simply ask us to enable it for you. If you are a business or enterprise customer the issue tracker is included with your subscription!


Our PhishingBot is really part of our RiskTool ecosystem and used to both drive and measure social engineering awareness. We have recently introduced some new and interesting features:

  • Spear-phishing support, allowing the use of custom landing pages and sender domains to simulate typosquatting
  • A choice between credential capture and link count type campaigns
  • Ability to choose simple landing page or integrated elearning for users who get tricked in simulated campaigns

We hope you like our new features and improvements as much as we do!

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