One of our customers, Webstep, has won an important consulting contract with Norsk Helsenett valued at 20 million NOK over the next 2 years with options for 20 + 20 mNOK over the following 2 years. Cybehave is a subcontractor to Webstep in this agreement, in a consortium with InMeta and Norconsult. Cybehave will provide advisory services within threat modeling, application security and security architecture for the project.

The health sector depends heavily on modern IT systems. Securing IT services to provide high availability, integrity and confidentiality of sensitive health data is crucial to delivering critical care and satisfying society’s expectations on data privacy.

The project will provide a foundation for digital services defined in Norway’s national e-Health strategy. This will be a central part of the ongoing digital transformation of the Norwegian health sector.

Norsk Helsenett is a national provider of network and critical ICT services for the health sector and is responsible for efficient development and operation of high availability digital health services, including national ICT infrastructure and information security.

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