Hacker workshop with Girl Geek Dinners and Cybehave at Trondheim Playground

Trondheim Playground is a technology festival held annually in Trondheim, Norway. This year Cybehave organized a Hacking 101 workshop together with Girl Geek Dinners and Webstep – for almost 20 women and a few men.

  • Cybehave’s crypto expert and co-founder Dr. Lillian Kråkmo gave the participants an intro to IT security and recent data breaches. This set the scene for the more offensive and hands-on focus to come
  • Kristina Brend from Webstep gave a quick intro to web technologies for those just starting out
  • Håkon Olsen, CEO of Cybehave, led the group through demos and hacking challenges using the phenomenal practice app OWASP Juice Shop as target

In the workshop participants got acquainted with vulnerabilities such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting, weak hashing algorithms and broken token authentication schemes: real-world cases showing that hackers are not super-humans, and also showing at the same time how easily seemingly innocent programming mistakes can lead to disaster for app owners.

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